Working with Marci over the past couple of months has proven to be the most beautiful experience I have had in a long time. I can confidently say that I am happier with myself and my life than I have ever been. Through her coaching I discovered what I truly want in life, figured out ways to achieve those things, and actually took action in making them a reality. Each session taught me something new about myself, and Marci’s encouragement and constant engagement made me feel special, confident, and capable. From the very first session, I recognized that Marci was born to do this kind of work. Her intuition, wisdom, empathy, and enthusiasm make her the best coach anyone could ever ask for. Working with her has changed my life, and I’ll be forever thankful for the experience.

TSL 8 Week Program

You’re not alone! Sooo many of us have wished for a happier Marriage, a more fulfilling career, a happier day! We are all in this together, and we ALL have a choice to live our best lives as our best version of self. Through the use of Shamanic Energy Medicine, Higher Self Guidance, and Bad-Assery - We get you to where it is you belong!

The TSL 8 week program is perfect if you find yourself …

  • Wanting a different career path, one that brings you joy!

  • Wanting a healthier lifestyle, emotionally and physically!

  • Wanting to tackle a goal that appears to difficult to reach!

  • Longing for a deeper Spiritual Connectivity

  • Wanting to break current relationship cycles that don’t serve your heart!

  • Wanting to grow more spiritual foundation and ritual in your everyday life - such as Meditation and Gratitude!

  • Wanting complete change, and just needing the tools to get there!

Our first appointment is eye opening right from the start! You’ll find yourself opening up to the possibility of change, and a new found sense of hope!

  • SESSION 1: Shamanic Chakra Reading. This Tarot therapy session allows us to dig deep and connect to the Sacred for guidance on our journey.

  • SESSION 2: We take you on a guided visual Shamanic Journey to meet Higher Self and receive a message from Sacred. (Tear Jerker Warning)

  • SESSION 3: We lay out the road map to your deepest hope, goals and joy bringers.

  • SESSION 4: MANIFESTATION 101! You will learn my 4 step Manifestation process. Watch the magic happen as we start small then go big!

  • SESSION 5: Shadow Work begins. An embracing and also a farewell to the things that have made you feel less then… (Tear Jerker Warning)

  • SESSION 6: This week we dive deeper into what has held these goals back previously, and how to tackle negative mind, stinking thinking, and future fear based thoughts that may arise along your new path.

  • SESSION 7: Higher Self reassessment & future foundation success tools. Learn meditation made easy, The 1,2,3’s of seeing beauty in every situation, and future practice to keep you on track!

  • SESSION 8: The Best for Last… Week 8 is a powerful, spiritual, ceremonial welcoming to your new found sense of Higher Self. This session requires FaceTime availability.

Each week we practice self awareness and gratefulness! You set goals that bring you closer and closer to your Ultimate Vision, and I assign fieldwork that helps empower, heal and MANIFEST these goals!

Our sessions run 50 minutes each and are available weekly or every 2 weeks. After your 8 week program is completed you can begin to book 20 or 50 minute followups, and at the duration of your choosing.

We created this program with 3 primary things in mind! SACRED, JOY, and HIGHER SELF ATTAINMENT!

Higher Self Program is a commitment to 8 consecutive weeks (or every two weeks). Each session is $85.00, $660.00 total (This is $200 off regular session costs)

If you need to make payment arrangements/plans, please feel free to contact me!