As a Metaphysical Minister and Metaphysician it is my life's purpose in career to guide my client's to their higher self.  Metaphysics is the study of the soul and selfs higher purpose, a science committed to living our best lives.  All Religions, Yoga, Spiritual Belief Systems, Tarot, Oracle, Astrology, Meditation etc. fall under Metaphysical Practice.  We focus on present moment and goals to attain your life's purpose as well as healing shadow and personal false beliefs. 



When it's hard to find the answers, the Tarot can guide us. The tarot is the universes way of writing you a love letter. Find out what is important for you to focus on now, any other questions you may have or advice you may need. I hold my certification in both Tarot therapy and Psychic Reading. Each of my clients receives a complimentary "Crystal" specifically selected for them in our 50 minute reading, to continue the Tarot "Therapy" process.   We stay in the present and help sculpt the future through Universal guidance and by tuning into your Chakra System.  If I feel any blocked areas our session will end with a brief Chakra Reiki session.

Our weekly sessions begin with a Tarot Therapy reading and moves into a brief Reiki Healing.  We will open up any blockages and further explore areas of growth.  I will assign fieldwork to help you continue on your journey.

For my repeat Tarot Therapy Clients, please simply select "Returning client" when booking. 

50 MINUTES  (Reserve below)



Design your life.  The Universe s in a constant state of creation, and we are capable of creating the exact reality we desire. These sessions are curated based on my clients individual needs. I offer proprietary healing and inspiring modalities that are very nurturing & powerful and have you leaving with a sense of clarity, direction and peace to face life head on and with grace. 

The Majority of my clients attend 8 weeks, and then monthly sessions for continued guidance and support. I am happy to work with you based on your particular needs, and offer package discounts as well.  

Services may include....

  • Chakra Reiki
  • Tarot/Oracle
  • Guided Journey and Meditation
  • Mindfulness Guidance
  • Healing Craft and Art for Anxiety
  • Higher Self Journey
  • Sound Bath
  • Crystal Healing
  • Metaphysical Hypnosis
  • Shadow Journey
  • Life Design and Implimentation
  • Fieldwork and Goal Accomplishment 
  • Manifestation Technique and Practice
  • Chakra Knowledge
  • and more.....

25 - 50 MINUTES  (Reserve below)