The "Anxiety Bully"


When the "anxiety bully" first hit me years ago, traffic was one of my big triggers. I remember going into panic just getting onto a freeway. But it's not just what we go through, it's how we come out of it. .


So I began to first remind myself when feeling trapped, that if I felt like parking the car in the middle of it all, and just walking away - I had that choice. This would help calm me. But most importantly I'd think "what's the emotion behind this? What is happening in my life right now that I'm not facing?" . Cause clearly it's not the traffic that's threatening my life. .

You see anxiety, from my experience, is a fight or flight that we go into when we feel our physical or emotional safety is in jeopardy. It can be life long, or triggered by an event where our physical life or emotional safety are threatened. And it continues long after such events. So recognizing the emotion that is setting it off in that moment, allows the panic to calm... it is saying to ourselves "I'm listening, and you're ok, you're safe." .


So next time you feel that bully hitting, see if there isn't something you're not looking at. Be your own bestie. This has helped me and many others that's I've shared it with. I hope it helps you too. Maybe so, maybe not. We're all on different journeys. Being stuck in traffic today I was reminded of how far I've come, and even though it still hits a bit, I remind myself I have choice to park the fucking car. Haha it's amazing what power "choice" can give us. Maybe that's cause it was once (or more) taken away from us. 

Don't be hard on yourself, you're not alone and you're absolutely perfect as you are..