"Delightfully feminine and morally strong, Marci Mae offers her teaching/coaching abilities through a careful balance of her education, experiences and contemporary intuition." -J.M.K.

8 week Program

“Working with Marci over the past couple of months has proven to be the most beautiful experience I have had in a long time. I can confidently say that I am happier with myself and my life than I have ever been. Through her coaching I discovered what I truly want in life, figured out ways to achieve those things, and actually took action in making them a reality. Each session taught me something new about myself, and Marci’s encouragement and constant engagement made me feel special, confident, and capable. From the very first session, I recognized that Marci was born to do this kind of work. Her intuition, wisdom, empathy, and enthusiasm make her the best coach anyone could ever ask for. Working with her has changed my life, and I’ll be forever thankful for the experience." - A.L.M. -

"If I can sum up the experience in a few words it would be an unveiling of natural, organic growth. Every morning I wake up and Marci's guidance and quotes echo in my head reminding me that it is all within me and it is all up to me. The growth is organic because it all at your pace with no artificial anything. It's your heart, mind and soul guiding you. From the first meeting through the last meeting and now, I feel like I see everything through a different lens more clear, and in different light. I feel equipped with the tools needed in order for me to continue to grow at my pace as well as remain perceptive with my intuition." - D.S.-

"I don't know how to begin to thank Marci. Words could never begin to describe how this journey with The Symbolic Life has changed my life in the most positive way. I could never imagine taking such an inspirational journey with anyone else. Everything she taught me is and will forever be in my life as the most inspired way of living. From our first session, sitting in the courtyard, I knew I was leaving a life of insecurities and fears. The person that I am now is the person I have always wanted to be. Before I started The Symbolic Week (8 week program), I would see so much inspiration but it wasn't mine. Now when I close my eyes I can envision so much happiness and inspiration coming from within." - N.P.

"I have never been so confident and felt so strong in overcoming anything that comes my way. I have never felt so connected to my higher-self and so focused on what the Universe is telling me. I LOVE who I am. I want to thank you Marci. You have a beautiful light within you and I am so thankful you shared your light with me. Thank you for guiding me to find that light within myself. You are such an amazing person and the love and guidance you've shown me I will never forget. I will forever be grateful to you and The Symbolic Life. - H.M.


" I had my tarot therapy session with Marci recently and all I can say is that I am still in awe! The experience was so surreal and incredible. She explained very thoroughly what each card meant and would ask me to reflect on what that meant to me. Ever since the reading, I feel like all my repressed thoughts/issues within have come up to the surface and ready for me to handle them finally. It's sincerely amazing to think how this session with Marci has not only encouraged me to face the anxieties in my personal life, but also brought a positive, inspiration to remember how important it is to find your true self and to trust your intuition!" -H.M.

"As Marci was reading my tarot I felt like magic was in the room after I have been battling with a situation for the last two years and putting it aside. Her tarot reading opened my mind and soul helping me understand that I was not taking care of a certain situation and myself. I Wasn't letting go of my past . As she lay the first card all the way to the very last I could not believe it, it was like such a powerful breakthrough within my self. I got the courage to really look into myself and finally take steps in to action. I felt this peace of knowing what it was that I needed to take care of in order to continue to move forward with my life. I'm very thankful to her and the tarot." - N.G.P

"I've had multiple tarot readings with Marci, and each one is better than the next! With her mixture of knowledge and intuition, I'm given an insight into my current state and direction for how to proceed with my future. I leave feeling inspired and empowered. Readings with Marci are such lovely experiences!" - A.D.

 Healing Art, Small Business and Workshop Student Reviews:

"Finding you has brought back my creative juices and I've rediscovered my love for art and crafting. It's the best form of therapy. Weaving is my favorite way to unwind now. Thank you Miss Marci Mae!!!"

“Thank you for such an amazing experience, it was super informative and fun. Your enthusiasm and passion is contagious and now I feel more confident than ever to create a business myself.”

"It was such a pleasure taking your class yesterday. You create a learning environment that is so warm and accepting and you are gifted at explaining things in a clear comprehensive way. Your joy and enthusiasm are contagious. I feel so fortunate to be one of your students. Warmest wishes and thanks. "

"Hi Marci, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful class last night that I took with my daughter. She has an anxiety that she just can't seem to beat. This anxiety bully has been with her since she was 5 and just recently he's raised her level of worry to a new height. I was hoping that cross stitch could help now again since she would have to focus on the task. You made this class so fun, warm and inviting. She is eager to do more patterns and this morning before school she even finished her heart. Thank you so much! The outcome would not have been so positive if you weren't our instructor. A big thank you! "

“Marci, you rock! You are an awesome teacher and have the best energy and classes in LA.”

“Thank you for such a kick ass class! You shared such positive energy to help me find my inner creativity”

" I'm truly amazed at your kind spirit and loving nature!! I'm a believer that people come into our lives for a reason and Marci through your kindness you have showed me that it's okay to be vulnerable and to share my story of having anxiety and PTSD with others. I am so glad you came into my life!"

“Thank you Marci for giving us such creative freedom!”

“I can’t think of a better way to start the new year than your classes . Appreciate all you do to make the world a kinder place.”

“Had a really amazing class tonight… Thanks Marci for tonight and allowing me to be vulnerable and still feel safe.”

“Best class ever! thanks for your patience and outstanding instructions!…”

“Im obsessed!!!! Thank you gracious host and teacher.”

“Thank you so much for the amazing class! I appreciate your time, energy, resources, and the way you shared your story.”

“Marci is a rock star teacher.. it was so awesome to turn our brains off and just have at it creatively.”

" What a beautiful gift you have and how wonderful for you to offer it to your lovely students.”

“Best classes with the best vibes only.”

"I've watched my students go from insecure to confident - sad to happy - lost to finding purpose, and anxiety ridden to peaceful. This is what the power of creativity, patience, and guidance accomplishes." - Marci Mae