Sacred Self Sessions

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Our work together is done from present moment and with much positivity.  Truly life changing, we turn to the mentality of a warrior and take life into our own hands through mindfulness, and awareness that we have control over our happiness, peace of mind and life in general. 

What is the path that Sacred has in mind for you?  How do you align with that path? The clues are already within you, and our sessions place you on track to getting on that path and reaching an outcome.  In mind, body and Spirit.

Each week my clients set individual goals based on our initial intake and their values and goals in their current life.  Fieldwork is also assigned each time we meet after we discuss the progress of the week.  This is higher-self and best life attainment simplified, and beyond rewarding.  We move forward, never back and never in circles....





We Will Focus On...

Getting clear on the life you want

Eliminating percEIved barRiers and false beliefs 

Clarifying your top Values

establishing weekly goals based on these values

self worth & self love 

building confidence through accomplishment

mindfulness and simple approach for success

manifestation and goal completion

joy and overall well being

Our Sessions Include...

Weekly reviews

Goal review and establishment




Holistic Guidance in mind, body and Spirit

Focus on positivity, mindfulness and awareness

lot's of smiles and personal growth!