If I can sum up the experience in a few words it would be an unveiling of natural, organic growth. Every morning I wake up and Marci’s guidance and quotes echo in my head reminding me that it is all within me and it is all up to me. The growth is organic because it all at your pace with no artificial anything. It’s your heart, mind and soul guiding you. From the first meeting through the last meeting and now, I feel like I see everything through a different lens more clear, and in different light. I feel equipped with the tools needed in order for me to continue to grow at my pace as well as remain perceptive with my intuition.
— - Weekly Client

These sessions allow you to meet higher self, Spirit Animal, even Shadow.  Some of my clients most treasured work.  I take you on a visually guided meditation, you are lifted to meet Spirit, Guides, and leave with messages of power, peace and comfort.  These sessions are often tear-jerkers and up-lifters in the best of ways.  I look forward to journeying with you. 


Our Session Includes...

meeting higher self and guides

receiving a message from the universe/spirit that you need to know right now

trusting your intuitive nature and strengthening it