Small Business!

With over 20 years experience in Small Business, and 15 years as a Small Retail Business Owner, I know the fears, challenges and rewards that come with being an entrepreneur. I love coaching individuals on how to revamp their retail business, or begin from scratch! My Gift Boutique was open between 2003-2018 in Old Pasadena, CA! With over 20 awards including Top 25 Most Gifted Retailers in the US, Best Gift Boutique in Pasadena (15 years), Best Card Shop in LA, Best Customer Service and more! Th NY times also included us as a must see in their travel section, as well as their book 36 hours! I LIVE for small business and watching others create their own way in the world.

Specialties include:

*How to Start your own Business

*Wholesale 101

*8 week Small Biz Makeover

*Merchandising & Display

*The Psychology of Pricing

*Open to Buy

*Team Building - Employees

*Customer Service

All Services $110.00 Per 50 Minutes

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Here are a just a few of my favorite successful students who have taken my “How to start your own business” and/or “Wholesale 101”

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from “About”…

“Heidi Moreno is an illustrator living in Monrovia, California with her husband Danny and mischievous cat, Peanut. She is the owner, designer of Heidiroo. She grew up in Los Angeles and Orange County and has been drawing and painting since she can remember.  

All illustration work is hand drawn with love and all prints are printed in the Heidiroo studio.”

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By Ms James -

from “About”

“When I was younger, my father used to buy us black greeting cards. At the time, I thought they were super corny but without fail, on every major holiday, he would give them to us with a black image gracing the cover and a message on the inside that I could relate to. The cards were sold at an independent black bookstore that closed down shortly after my mother moved us to California. I never forgot those cards or the way they made me feel growing up.

Since having my son, I've had a burning itch to bring those feelings back so that I could share them with him. The urge of wanting to recreate that and (re)inspire others with positive and relatable images of black people eventually overcame me.

While filling a void, I decided to spawn a personality that people could relate to; a voice that is honest, refreshing and real. I'm using advice and motivating/inspiring quotes that were offered to me. Even some of the influential people I meet will be written in this journey. Ultimately, this is the world illustrated and narrated by me.”

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It’s Jon Lim -

from “About”

“Jon Lim is a Vietnamese/Chinese-American-Gay mixedmedia artist in Los Angeles, California.”