If I can sum up the experience in a few words it would be an unveiling of natural, organic growth. Every morning I wake up and Marci’s guidance and quotes echo in my head reminding me that it is all within me and it is all up to me. The growth is organic because it all at your pace with no artificial anything. It’s your heart, mind and soul guiding you. From the first meeting through the last meeting and now, I feel like I see everything through a different lens more clear, and in different light. I feel equipped with the tools needed in order for me to continue to grow at my pace as well as remain perceptive with my intuition.
— Weekly Client


My Doctoral Dissertation is on the Modern Shaman and my personal initiation which took place over a lifetime, and formally in September of 2017.  

Shamanic Energy work is the most powerful form of energy healing.  Shamans are "Chosen as a receptacle for the manifestation of the Sacred."  The response from clients is overwhelming and touches my heart each and every time. I begin by calling you with instructions for our work,  and providing you with a playlist that we listen to together.  All that is required of you is 30 minutes of peace and openness. Shamanic Illumination consists of similar techniques found in Reiki.  Working with you on clearing any negative energy blocks, and filling them with healing Light source, all within the grasp of a beautiful visual journey/meditation.

This work is ideal for anyone wanting to re-start.  Anyone wanting to create a sense of peace, direction, and connectedness in their life.  A greater sense of confidence, purpose, peace, love, calm and growth will be felt.  This work is very profound and my greatest passion.




The chakra most in need of clearing and energizing

visual journey

healing the source

soul retrieval and replenishment

Our Sessions Include...

A playlist to set us on the same energetic level

an intention for our journey

a review after the work takes place

sacred Healing, fulness, and a strong sense of peace and direction