I had my session with Marci recently and all I can say is that I am still in awe! The experience was so surreal and incredible. She explained very thoroughly what each card meant and would ask me to reflect on what that meant to me. Ever since the reading, I feel like all my repressed thoughts/issues within have come up to the surface and ready for me to handle them finally. It’s sincerely amazing to think how this session with Marci has not only encouraged me to face the anxieties in my personal life, but also brought a positive, inspiration to remember how important it is to find your true self and to trust your intuition!
— H.M., Pasadena, CA


When it's hard to find the answers, the Universe can guide us. Find out what is important for you to focus on now, any other questions you may have or advice you may need. We stay in the present and help sculpt the future through Universal guidance and by tuning into your individual Chakra System.  These readings are a love letter from Spirit.

If I feel any blocked areas our session will end with a brief Reiki session. These readings can be emotional in the best of ways, so please have an open heart and a tissue ready.


Our Session Includes...

Calling on The Universe/Spirit to guide us

a review of each chakra and its balance or blockage in your current life

ways to balance

heart strength recomMendations from the universe 

healing, growing and moving forward