Working with Marci over the past couple of months has proven to be the most beautiful experience I have had in a long time. I can confidently say that I am happier with myself and my life than I have ever been.
— 8 Week TSL Program Client
Every morning I wake up and Marci’s guidance and quotes echo in my head reminding me that it is all within me and it is all up to me. The growth is organic because it all at your pace with no artificial anything. It’s your heart, mind and soul guiding you. From the first meeting through the last meeting and now, I feel like I see everything through a different lens more clear, and in different light.
— 8 Week TSL Program Client
I don’t know how to begin to thank Marci. Words could never begin to describe how this journey with The Symbolic Life has changed my life in the most positive way. I could never imagine taking such an inspirational journey with anyone else. Everything she taught me is and will forever be in my life as the most inspired way of living.
— Continuing TSL Client
I have never been so confident and felt so strong in overcoming anything that comes my way. I have never felt so connected to my higher-self and so focused on what the Universe is telling me. I LOVE who I am. I want to thank you Marci. You have a beautiful light within you and I am so thankful you shared your light with me.
— - Continuing TSL Client