The SYMBOLIC LIFE… is a philosophy by Carl Jung, In which we realize that in order to live a truly meaningful life, we must feed the daily needs of our soul.

TSL is your turning point. It is the foundation and formal introduction to your Higher Self. You are longing for connection to Spirit, longing for change, longing for Joy & Peace- then welcome to the beginning of your next chapter. Through our practice, you are guided to a place within, to a calling home of the soul.

We incorporate simple and approachable methods with a Modern vide, allowing you to grow, tackle goals, and feel a deep connection to Spirit/The Universe.

This is the Shamanic Guide to Higher Self and to your True Life’s Purpose. This is the beginning of things falling into place. Knowing more of who yu are, what you want, and how to attain it.

Marci Mae is an authentic, nurturing, strong, goal getting, connected and loving Shamaness - she is a guide to a vibrant life.

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